People are all looking for the perfect place to settle in and start a family. You would know that prime property is not so easily found. The solution for you is to start looking at the very snazzy Chicago executive apartments on offer right now.

You all know that apartment hunting is an awful thing to do. Not only the time it takes up, but also the quality of most of the properties now a day. Well your nightmare is over. Simply book an appointment with your real estate agent and ask to view one of these units today.

Your typical city suite has limited square footage and thus raising children in this environment is not ideal. However, the architects of these very stylish units have ensured optimal usage of space and delivered the finest living areas that money can buy. The units are all fully furnished and decorated by the best in the business.

They also offer you the choice of having a tiled or a carpeted unit. If you should choose carpets your unit will be fitted with plush long haired carpet. Do not fear as they are easily cleaned and maintained but at the same time offer that luxurious element to any space. The decor throughout the units are of highest quality.

The outside areas have been furnished with pull down shutters to allow outside dining even on rainy nights. Barbecues are built in for your convenience. The views are also out of this world and promises magical moments every time.

The master bedroom sports a stunning sky light that is sure to make any evening a magical one. The position of the master bedroom allows for optimum view of the night sky. Also built into these units are voice activated light switches and dimmers. If you care about the environment you will be happy to know these units are also fitted with sun powered panels. The indoor pool can also be heated by using the sun powered facilities.

All units have en suite bathrooms with guest bathrooms also. En suite bathrooms have both bath and shower facilities. As an added extra, many have included his and hers toilets and basins. This is where luxury and functionality meets. They promise their residents the most unique, comfortable and contemporary living spaces.

The unique and special touches do not end there. The designers have gone the extra mile to include a garden area in each of these executive apartments. As you can see no expense was spared and no corners have been cut. These units offer true value for your money and a welcome feel for anyone who lives there.

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