Furnished and Unfurnished Corporate Housing

What does corporate housing have in common with hotels and Air BnBs? They can accommodate short term stays.

How does corporate housing differ from hotels and Air BnBs? In every other way.
Temporary housing offers the ability to streamline the whole process, especially for companies that need maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Whether you’re looking for extended stays, short term leases, or are just exploring leasing options for rentals in Chicago, Suite Home can help!

Each rental is backed by a concierge and service team. There is also consistency across all units. Each unit will come equipped with the same essentials and luxuries as all other units, from quality of furniture down to the number of forks in the drawer, even the dedicated work-from-home space in every unit! Because temporary housing is regulated by the CHPA code of ethics and industry standards, you can also count on consistency in terms of cleaning standards, professionalism, reliability, and other intangibles that can make or break the experience.

With Suite Home, clients have a single point of contact for all housing needs, which means clients never have to worry about coordinating key hand-offs, and the whole housing experience is curated to the client’s specific needs. Whether a company is looking to house a class of interns, team of consultants, or another group of employees, a Suite Home team member will ensure that rental locations are condensed so that occupants are located in the same building near their office site with the amenities and features they need. Rather than one-off units, Suite Home offers units in bulk that address the company’s needs as a whole.

Suite Home clients love that housekeeping is included, lease terms are flexible, full sized kitchens, and most of all, that occupants can leave belongings in the units between visits.

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