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Suite Home Chicago Corporate Housing Team Spotlight

Written by: Alexis Reid


I moved from my home town of East Lansing Michigan to Chicago 6 years ago to attend DePaul University. I started working for the owners at Suite Home Chicago as their nanny while I was in undergraduate school, during the summer of 2011. When I graduated college in 2013, Suite Home owner Jennifer Breen offered me a full time position to oversee the accounts payable/accounts receivable for the company.


Alexis with Suite Home Chicago Owner Jennifer Breen’s kids

My tasks have expanded over the last two years, and I now assist with lease terms and notice to vacates as well. Although accounting is technically my job title, I feel I can assist with other branches of the company. This is one of my favorite things about Suite Home Chicagoo…. we are a team. I know my bosses and co-workers always have my back and I have theirs to get the daily work completed.

I am currently taking my last class required to receive my Master’s Degree in Mathematics at DePaul University. I highly recommend DePaul University if you are looking to further your education, without losing your career. My classes are during the week from 6pm-9pm, and always easily allowed me to either nanny or come to work for Suite Home Chicago 🙂

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Suite Home Chicago All-Stars Alexis Reid and Sarah DiDavide

When I started my degree two years ago, my goal was to teach mathematics at a college. However, things have changed and even though I am days from graduating, I plan to stay with Suite Home Chicago. This is a wonderful example that demonstrates how life can go in any direction. Yes, I love math and thought I wanted to teach, but I had no idea what corporate housing was and how I could play a role in providing a wonderful experience to people needing temporary housing in Chicago.

It is true I love math, I love teaching and I love helping others understand the subject. However, its also true that I have come to love corporate housing. I love my accounting job at Suite Home Chicago and I love where I am at right now in my life.