I maybe dating myself, but I remember playing 20 questions as a kid. Family road trips or rainy day’s taking turns leading each other in questions. Hours could be spent away playing this childhood game! Jump to today, and can you imagine the overwhelming nostalgia I felt when I came across Forbes 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Relocate For a Job.
“Deciding to relocate is a personal decision and is different for everyone because not everyone’s situation is the same,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at Career Builder. To Read More See http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2012/06/21/is-relocating-for-a-job-the-right-decision-for-you/
Relocating can seem a bit overwhelming… but with the list of 20 questions provided by Forbes, making the decision can be clear.
1. Will I love my new job?
2. Where will I live?
3. Who will pay for relocation expenses?
4. What is the cost of living like in this new city? Can I afford to live in the new city and still save some money?
5. What does the future of this company or position look like?
6. Is the job one in which I can definitely envision myself learning and advancing my career?
7. Is the culture of the new company and new city a good match for me and my family?
8. Will we make friends easily?
9. Will living and working in the new city provide me with better opportunities than my current situation?
10. What are the benefits of relocating for this job? Do they outweigh the obstacles?
11. Is my significant other on board and where will he or she work?
12. What is there to do in the new city besides work?
13. What am I leaving behind?
14. Do I do well with change?
15. Where will my kids go to school? Does the school system have a good reputation?
16. What is the neighborhood like?
17. What is the weather like?
18. What’s my backup plan if things don’t work out?
19. Will my family be happy in this new place?
20. Will I be happy?
If after answering these questions you see yourself relocating it is important to make contact with a real-estate company that can help you locate temporary housing so that you do not feel pressured in making any big decisions until you become familiarized with your new city.