Chicago’s theatre scene is booming! From David Mamet’s This Old Neighborhood to Shakespeare, from storefront productions that seat 50 to The Chicago Theatre with a seating capacity of 3,880. Responsible for training today’s top improve and sketch artists at The Second City to making theatre available for all ages with Chicago Children’s Theatre. The diversity of Chicago’s theatre is unmatched.
What makes Chicago different from other cities that have a theatre community is its ability to hold together. We are not afraid to explore the whole range on stage, theatre that takes you on a trip of self revelation, of investigating the darker side of life, and edgy comedy. For example this excerpt from a sketch performed at The Second City:
Two young performers are on stage. She’s white. He’s African American.
HE: I thought we were soul-mates, but now I find out you watch Fox News! (Laugh from audience)
SHE: There’s an election coming. We ought to be informed.
HE: I don’t have to be informed, I’m black. (Big laugh) I mean, I’m black, Obama’s black. The choice is obvious.
SHE: Oh? So why not vote Republican? Mitt Romney loves Jesus, black people love Jesus…
HE: That’s a totally different Jesus! (Huge laugh)
What I think is truly unique about the Chicago’s theatre scene is that they do art for art’s sake, unlike New York, where the tourist dollar is Broadway’s boss. The actor’s here look like normal people. Actor’s here are respected for what they do, not the proverbial stepping stone that it is in other cities.
So, if you are planning a trip to the city or possibly a move, make sure to check out the theatre- you will find it fulfilling and get a chance to see on stage something you won’t anywhere else.